Located in the southeastern corner of Puerto Rico, the Patillas municipality is home to remote, low-income communities where job opportunities can be scarce. The primary medical center for this region is the Centro de Servicios Primarios de Salud. This clinic offers primary care, immunization, dental services, mental health, and an emergency room, among other medical services. The clinic serves many elderly patients, the majority of whom are on Medicaid, and often provides transportation for those who have difficulty accessing care.

Hurricane Maria made landfall in the Southeast of Puerto Rico and left a major impact on the region. Power was not restored until around five months after the storm, and until then, buildings were forced to rely on generators. To build resilience against future disasters, Solar Saves Lives partners completed a solar and storage installation at the clinic to ensure basic medical services continue uninterrupted. The installation includes a 97.9 kW solar array installed by ISO Solar Puerto Rico, and a 228 kWh Tesla Powerpack battery. Project funders and partners include The Solar Foundation, The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Hispanic Federation, and the Clinton Foundation.