September 7, 2023

Improving State Interconnection Policies: New Model Rules to Accelerate DER Adoption Webinar, 9/7/2023

In this webinar, IREC gives an overview of the 2023 Model Interconnection procedures, including the processes and requirements they cover.

The 2023 Model Interconnection Procedures reflect the latest best practices for connecting distributed energy resources (DERs) to the electric grid, providing model language that can be used by state utility regulators, utilities, policymakers and other stakeholders as they develop or update their interconnection rules. As DER adoption grows due to customer demand and state and federal clean energy policies, these new rules can help to efficiently and cost-effectively integrate clean energy technologies while maintaining grid safety and reliability.

Initially developed in 2005, IREC’s Model Interconnection Procedures have been updated four times (2009, 2013, 2019, and now 2023) in response to best practices that have evolved over nearly two decades, including the incorporation of newer technologies, such as energy storage systems. This 2023 release builds upon the 2019 Procedures by incorporating new provisions to streamline DER review processes and increase transparency and data sharing between electric utilities and interconnection customers.

IREC’s Model Rules were developed based on IREC’s regulatory experience working on state interconnection policies nationwide. Through working groups and collaborations with regulatory staff, utilities, developers, and other non-profits, IREC has worked to identify and compile the latest best practices for connecting DERs to the grid. The model language and best practices identified by IREC have been widely used and referenced by states seeking to update their interconnection rules. Most recently, New Mexico overhauled its interconnection procedures and incorporated many of the best practices proposed by IREC during the state’s regulatory proceeding. 

In this webinar, our team provides: 

  • An overview of the 2023 Model Interconnection procedures, including the processes and requirements they cover;
  • Key updates made to the model language based on best practices that have emerged since the last update in 2019; and
  • Guidance on how regulators, utilities, DER developers, and others can apply the Model Procedures. 


  • Radina Valova – Regulatory Vice President, IREC
  • Brian Lydic – Chief Regulatory Engineer, IREC
  • Sky Stanfield – Partner, Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP
  • Laura Beaton – Partner, Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger LLP

This webinar is intended for anyone interested in improving interconnection rules for DERs. The IREC Model is focused on procedures that govern state-jurisdictional interconnections (i.e. interconnections to the distribution grid). The webinar will not address transmission interconnection policies adopted by regional transmission entities, such as Independent System Operators (ISOs) or Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs).