June 20, 2024

How to Recruit Employees and Students: Tools and Strategies in the Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Fields Webinar

This interactive webinar will provide newly developed and free materials, strategies, and resources to help you recruit employees and students.

Would you like materials and strategies to recruit more students into educational programs and/or recruit better employees into businesses, nonprofits, or governmental offices? Do you want more talented and skilled employees in your organization? The fields of building energy efficiency, clean energy, and electrification/decarbonization through new technology like heat pumps are growing very quickly, creating an urgent demand for new workers.

This interactive webinar led by IREC will provide you with newly developed and free materials, strategies, and resources. The toolkit and complementary strategies that attendees will receive was funded by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Residential Workforce Program, and developed through market research reviews and input from two committees of industry experts.  

Join Larry Zarker, Nancy Kaplan, and Kelly Carey from the Building Performance Institute and Debra Rowe, Angela N. Son, and Sarah Hill from the US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development to learn about the new materials and how they can advance your organization’s recruiting capacity. After this webinar and through active use of the toolkit, employers, advisors, and educational organizations will be empowered to succeed!

Debra Rowe is President of the US Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development. She taught energy efficiency and renewable energies for forty two years and works with over 100 countries on clean energy workforce development. She is co-author of these materials. Sarah Hill and Angela N. Son are Climate Fellows with the US Partnership.

Larry Zarker is CEO at the Building Performance Institute. Nancy Kaplan is Director of Workforce Development, and Kelly Carey is Marketing and Communications Specialist. Nancy and Kelly are co-authors of these materials.