Consumer Protection

IREC’s consumer protection resources—including the Clean Energy Consumer Bill of Rights and the Be Solar Smart Consumer Checklist—give safeguards and pointers.

Consumer Protection

Record numbers of Americans are using the sun to power their homes. Over the last decade, solar energy has grown 42% per year on average according to the Solar Energy Industries Association!

That means more consumers are sitting down with contractors and salespeople to go solar—facing what could be a complex process.

IREC’s consumer protection includes the Clean Energy Consumer Bill of Rights and the Be Solar Smart Consumer Checklist. Both spotlight safeguards and pointers for buyers, government agencies, the industry, retailers, and others in the market.

→ If you’re a consumer considering solar energy, IREC’s Be Solar Smart Consumer Checklist walks you through getting solar panels on the roof and protecting the investment that puts them there. It offers a step-by-step guide to simplify the complicated. It gives you questions to ask and facts to consider to secure a safe installation and a fair deal.

→ If you’re selling or installing solar energy, give your customers the Be Solar Smart Consumer Checklist so they are fully informed, their expectations are met, and their positive experience spreads the voice of consumer confidence.

→ If you’re with a government agency or oversight organization addressing clean energy, use IREC’s Clean Energy Consumer Bill of Rights to guide practices and protective measures we should all expect—regarding safety, warranties, contractual transparency, advertising, and privacy.

Larry Sherwood

IREC President/CEO
“IREC is committed to helping consumers get the facts and understand a transaction with many parts and details—some not so obvious and some difficult to grasp.”

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