Customer Grid Edge (CGE) Committee

CGE was founded in 2008 by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (part of the U.S. Department of Commerce) and the GridWise® Architecture Council (appointed by the U.S. Department of Energy) to address issues at the interface between smart grids and customers.

CGE specializes in smart grids and energy management for appliances and electric vehicles, with a focus on customer- and community-sited renewable energy and energy storage. It has been active in proposing U.S. and international electric grid standards and developing educational resources for residential and commercial grid customers.

IREC provides an institutional home for CGE, facilitating its monthly meetings and providing strategic and logistical support for its activities. CGE helps keep IREC apprised of emerging issues related to customer-sited clean energy and smart grid technologies.

CGE is composed of about 170 members that include public utility and energy service providers, developers of distributed energy resources (DERs), equipment suppliers and communication companies, and smart grid researchers. CGE contributes to international standards by providing recommendations on issues such as cybersecurity and solar-plus-storage for the ISO/IEC Home Electronic System (HES) committee developing Internet of Things (IoT)-related standards for homes and buildings.

For information about participating in CGE, please contact:
Dr. Kenneth Wacks, CGE Chair
(781) 662-6211

Current Projects

  • Customer metrics for smart grid programs | Manager: Jackson Wang, CEO of e-Radio
  • Customer microgrids | Manager: Kay Aikin, CEO of Introspective Systems
  • International gateway standards (ISO/IEC): Requirements for cybersecurity, privacy, and safety; Requirements to support solar + storage | Manager: Dr. Timothy Schoechle, CEO of Smart Home Labs
  • Electronics in the smart grid: Smart transformer; smart circuit breaker; smart plug; energy storage | Manager: David Katz, CEO of Sustainable Resources Management
  • Customer economics | Manager: Dave LeVee, CEO of Pwrcast
  • Home nanogrids | Manager: Bruce Nordman, Research Scientist and Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Application of SolarNetwork to distributed solar resources | Manager: Philip Court, Product and Company Strategy at Ecogy Energy

CGE meets every two weeks on Friday (10:30am -12pm Pacific Time / 1:30pm – 3pm Eastern Time). To receive a calendar invite and Zoom dial-in information, email [email protected]. CGE membership is open to all.

Explore Recent CGE Presentations

  • Power Systems Architecture: Critical Tools for Leading 21st Century Grid Transformation Recording and Slides | Mark Paterson, Strategen | July 8, 2022; August 8, 2022
  • Grid Problems are Multiplying—Solutions? Recording and Slides | SkyCentrics presentation | May 13, 2022

Read the Press Release issued when IREC became the host of CGE.

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