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You offer high-quality training, and it is time you were recognized. Maintaining your high standards isn’t easy, but you have found it worth the effort. Similarly, meeting the IREC Standard for quality training is a rigorous process – both preparing for and undergoing the assessment. To help with this effort, IREC has new online tools to allow you to more efficiently use your time and prepare a more complete application.

Start down the road to an IREC credential in three steps:

Step 1: Get Prepared: Read carefully each requirement of the applicable IREC Standard.

Access the Candidate Handbook for information on the process, fees and tips for completing the online application.

Step 2: Complete a self-evaluation: How ready are you to apply for a credential? What policies and procedures should be updated to reflect what you really do? How do you ensure your training content is current and effectively covers an IREC-accepted Job Task Analysis (JTA)? Although you will do the heavy lifting, download our new, comprehensive self-assessment word document to guide you through the process of preparing your documentation.

Step 3: Start your application: Once you have your documentation ready, we want to hear from you. Use the online credentialing management system (CMS) to begin your application.

Credentialing matters.  Now let’s get started!


Image credit: convisum / 123RF Stock Photo