Our Team

Administration, Development, and Communications

Larry Sherwood

President & Chief Executive Officer

Gwen Brown

Vice President of Communications

Avery Palmer

Communications Projects Director

Scott Townley

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Leslie Graham

Director of Development

Michelle Barrett

Senior Special Events and Projects Manager

Nicole Wilson

Communications and Digital Media Manager

Zack Loehle

Communications Specialist


Radina Valova

Vice President – Regulatory Program

Mari Hernandez

Assistant Director – Regulatory Program

Brian Lydic

Chief Regulatory Engineer

Midhat Mafazy

Regulatory Program Engineer

Shay Banton

Regulatory Program Engineer and Energy Justice Policy Advocate

Sky Stanfield

Partner at Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger, LLP

Yochi Zakai

Attorney at Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger, LLP

Laura Beaton

Partner at Shute, Mihaly and Weinberger, LLP


Cynthia Finley

Vice President – Workforce Strategy and Innovation

Dr. Janell Hills

Director of Workforce Programs

Kristen Hagerty

Senior Director of Workforce Development

Richard Lawrence

Program Director

Pagan Poggione

Program Director

Mary Lawrence

Assistant Director of Workforce Development

Matthew Harris

Senior Workforce Program Manager

Pilar Martinez

Senior Workforce Program Manager

Megan Howes

Senior Program Manager

Joe Sarubbi

Technical Education and Training Consultant

Local Initiatives

Ed Gilliland

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

Theresa Perry

Program Director, SolSmart

Carlos Alberto Velázquez López

Program Director

Toyah Callahan

Program Director, SEAC

David Golembeski

Senior Program Manager

Danny Falk

Project Manager

Mariana García Benítez 

Program Manager – Puerto Rico Energy Resilience