The SITN Best Practices, a compendium of national best practices for instructors in solar training, education and workforce development, give educators the right tools to develop and implement quality-training programs and prepare students with indispensable skills to enter the solar workforce.  All seven Best Practices are web-based. Best Practices chapters 1-6 are also available as PDFs.

Originally designed and developed by IREC in its capacity as the National Administrator of DOE’s SITN, these in-depth resources support instructors in:

  • Developing new solar programs
  • Integrating solar into related trades programs
  • Enhancing existing solar education and training programs


The Best Practices were written by leading experts in the solar industry and education fields, some as lead authors, others as contributors and/or reviewers. These subject matter experts devoted time and talent to ensure the SITN has the best possible instructional resources for solar education and training. The SITN and IREC are indebted to the following individuals for their expertise.

  • Ezra Auerbach, Former Executive Director, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
  • Jim Dunlop, Jim Dunlop Solar
  • Brain Hurd, Hands On Solar, Inc.
  • Christopher LaForge, Great Northern Solar
  • Andrea Luecke, Executive Director, The Solar Foundation
  • Dr. Barbara Martin, Educational Consultant, Former Professor
  • Doug Payne, Former Executive Director, SolarTech Consortium
  • Joe Sarubbi, Project Manager for IREC – National Administrator of the SITN
  • Dr. Jerry Ventre, Engineering and Education Consultant, Former Director, Photovoltaics and Distributed Generation Division, FSEC
  • Jane Weissman, President/CEO, Interstate Renewable Energy Council
  • Dr. Sarah White, Senior Associate, Center on Wisconsin Strategy

IREC recognizes Christina Nichols, Contractor to the Solar Energy Technologies Program/SunShot Initiative, U.S. Department of Energy, for her leadership and guidance, and to the U.S. Department of Energy for its confidence in IREC and for providing the resources to assemble such a talented group.

Additional Recognition:

  • Mary Lawrence, IREC Project Coordinator
  • Jane Pulaski, IREC Communications
  • Anita Saville, Technical Editing
  • Brownstone Graphics, Graphic Design

Acknowledgment: This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Energy, Solar Energy Technologies Program/SunShot Initiative, Award No. DE – EE0004137.

Disclaimer: This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement.


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