Movement on Net Metering in Mississippi

Source: 25 x ’25 Alliance On April 1st, The Mississippi Public Service Commission ordered an investigative study on the economic impact of net metering. The Commission  has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to conduct an Economic Impact Study/Cost-Benefits Analysis of

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An Array Of Policies Makes New Jersey An Unlikely Leader In Solar Energy

Source: Solar Industry Magazine The State of New Jersey is known for many things. It has the most diners, the longest boardwalk and the tallest water tower in the world. New Jersey also ranks second in blueberry production, as well as

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Hawaii investigates illegal photovoltaic systems

 Source: KHON2 With Oahu in a solar power crunch, homeowners are going rogue, turning their panels on without permission from Hawaiian Electric Co. It’s a problem that popped up when HECO adopted stricter rules in September. HECO says photovoltaic systems connected

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NREL Examines Solar Policy Pathways for States

Source: NREL Newsroom The Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has published a report that aligns solar policy and market success with stage demographics. By organizing the 48 contiguous states into four peer groups based on shared non-policy characteristics, the

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PJM Grid Operators: We Can Handle 30 Percent Renewable Energy Integration, And Here’s How

Source: Renewable Energy World Experts believe that the PJM Interconnection system, which encompasses all or parts of Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia, can handle up

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Ohio Joins Top States Improving Interconnection Procedures for Renewables

Ohio joins the ranks of progressive states like California, Hawaii and Massachusetts this week as the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio adopted greatly improved interconnection procedures that make it easier for small renewable energy systems to connect to the distribution grid.

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Freeing the Grid Tracks State Progress on Net Metering and Interconnection

IREC and the Vote Solar Initiative announced the 2013 results of Freeing the Grid, a report that grades all 50 states on two key policies: net metering and interconnection procedures during Solar Power International, North America’s largest solar trade show.

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Reaching Finish Line Easier on Paved Track

The greening of the U.S. energy supply is a marathon, not a sprint – from basic needs, such as ensuring consumers get a fair deal on net metering, to longer-term structural reform, like ensuring state and regional transmission planning incorporates renewables. And while the issues IREC takes on are not always headline-grabbing or sexy, we’ve been in the race since 1994, often leading the pack, and we’re poised to go the distance.

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Improving Risk-Based Review to Enable Developers to “Fly” Through Interconnection Hurdles

Making safe, reliable interconnection of renewable energy easier is the goal. Increasing the number of interconnections, through improved application efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining safety and electrical system reliability, that’s the challenge. Just last week, Massachusetts adopted revised interconnection procedures

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The FERC SGIP: TIme for a Tune Up

The average size of distributed photovoltaic systems is on the rise. In fact, the average size of all PV systems installed in 2011 grew by 64% over 2010. In addition to larger system sizes, penetration of solar on the grid is increasing in

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