01023 Standard cover IREC Standard 01023: 2013 was developed in 2013 by a diverse group of clean industry stakeholders dedicated to raising the bar for high-quality training. The current standard is a revision of IREC Standard 01022. The revision of the standard is part of IREC’s commitment to adhering to best practices as an ANSI- accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO).

IREC Standard 01023: 2013 identifies requirements for the quality systems, resources, personnel, and curriculum by which job-related training in clean energy technologies and practices may be accredited. Programs must base curriculum on one or more IREC-accepted job task analyses in the clean energy technology fields. Adherence to this rigorous standard allows the training provider to demonstrate its commitment to high-quality training to students, employers and other industry stakeholders.


Open public comment periods ensure that standards reflect the breadth of the industry and interested parties. They add integrity and openness to the standards process and help to ensure that the public will accept the content of the Standard. You can view public comments about IREC Standard 01023: 2013 for Training Providers submitted during the public comment period and the Working Group’s responses, below:

Public Comment and Responses August 2013


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