IREC Standard 14732:2013 General Requirements for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Certificate Programs describes best practices for certificate programs in the renewable energy and energy efficiency fields. Distinguishing features include requirements for a systematic program plan, summative examination, and correlation of curriculum to an industry validated job task analysis. It lays out requirements for administration, curriculum, assessment, personnel, equipment, facilities and linkage with industry that programs must meet to demonstrate that they issue a market-valued certificate.

IREC Standard 14732:2013IREC Standard 14732:2013 forms the foundation for the ANSI-IREC Accreditation Program



Open public comment periods ensure that standards reflect the breadth of the industry and interested parties. They add integrity and openness to the standards process and help to ensure that the public will accept the content of the Standard. You can view public comments about IREC Standard 14732:2013 submitted during three distinct public comment periods and the Working Group’s responses, below: 

Third public comment period (closed 11/18/12)

Second public comment period (closed 1/18/12)

First public comment period (closed 12/7/11)


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