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Jason Keyes talks about net metering to an SRO crowd at SPI 2013 in Chicago

Make plans now to attend the 2014 IREC 3iForum, three days of insightful 30-minute sessions from solar thought leaders. The 3iForum will be held on the exhibition floor in the Solar Industry Trends booth at Solar Power International, October 21-23, in Las Vegas. Here’s a peek at what you’ll hear.

2014 IREC 3iForum Sessions

National Trends – Some Obvious; Some Not Jane Weissman
A high level-view of what’s likely to come your way in 2015 – regulatory and quality workforce development issues and trends in the limelight now, and how they directly or ultimately affect the solar market.

What it all means – Solar Regulatory World 101  Sara Baldwin Auck
A primer on the regulatory actions leading state’s are taking now and considering for the future, and which best practices other states are looking at to meet solar’s growing needs.

What’s Next in Interconnection? Sky Stanfield
It’s happening. States are already considering updates to their procedures following FERC’s (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) significant modifications to the federal Small Generator Interconnection Procedures late in 2013.  Learn how interconnection is changing in response to FERC’s order. What are the forthcoming innovations that move beyond the issues FERC addressed?  

Envisioning an Integrated Grid: transforming distribution system planning Sky Stanfield
As a result of dramatic growth in local generation, the nature of the distribution grid is changing. Distribution systems now need to be planned and built not just to serve load but also to manage a variety of distributed resources. Hear about efforts to re-envision the distribution system planning process while ensuring safe, reliable power, and about taking full advantage of new technologies and innovations in generation and energy management.

Fair Compensation for Distributed Solar Generation Jason Keyes
With more utilities calling for reform or abolition of net metering, the debate at utility commissions has centered on how to value the benefits and determine the costs of net-metered generation.  Several new utility-specific studies have addressed the issue, with varying approaches for capacity, transmission and distribution, and particularly for societal benefits. Proposals for “Value of Solar Tariffs” are one result. How is that working or how might it work in the future?

Shared Solar: What’s Working & What’s Next  Erica Schroeder McConnell
Shared solar is one option for energy consumers who want to benefit from the sun’s power but don’t have the rooftop for it. Only about 25 percent of residential rooftops are capable of hosting solar generation systems. IREC has helped develop shared solar programs across the country. Hear about what’s working and what’s on the next horizon.

Your Bottom Line Knows: Is Your Company Committed to Quality Training?  Laure-Jeanne Davignon
Your solar industry is committing to quality education and training because it protects your business. Learn more about SEIA’s Commitment to Quality Pledge and other national education, training and credentialing initiatives.  Because quality training and credible credentials are critical to your success.

Closing the Skills Gap: National Efforts to Build a Workforce that Meets Solar Job Needs  Joe Sarubbi and Cheri Olf
See the premier of a new video campaign aimed at solar employers. Hear what’s happening nationally to partner industry and education/training programs, so potential employees have the high-quality skills your jobs require.

IREC’s Annual Solar Market Trends Report  Larry Sherwood
The solar market is an increasingly important and vital part of the American economy. What are the trends in this market, and what forces are at work? Which sectors of the market are strongest, and why? What are the prospects for solar energy in the near future?  This session presents results from the recently published IREC Report, U.S. Solar Market Trends: 2014.



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