IREC Accredited Training Providers

Accredited Training Providers provide evidence that graduates achieve the necessary knowledge and skills to perform successfully on the job. These providers teach all tasks
and subtasks defined for a job through a Job Task Analysis.

Pacific Pacific Pacific Eastern Region


FSL Southwest Building Science Training Center Accredited Training Provider for their courses Energy 101, Pressure Diagnostics 101, Thermal Performance 101, Residential Energy App 101, OSHA 10, EPA Lead Renovator (Retrofit Installer Technician Job Task Analysis); Energy 102, Pressure Diagnostics 102, Comprehensive Health & Safety, Calculating Savings to Investment Ratios for Residential Energy Analysis/REM Design, HVAC 101, Energy Efficiency Work Specifications, BPI Manufactured Housing, BPI Analyst (Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis)


Red Rocks Community College  Accredited Training Provider for their PV courses including ENY 101 Intro to Energy Technologies, ENY 102 Building Energy Audit Tech, ENY 130 Solar Photovoltaic Grid-tie, ENY 131 Advanced Solar PV, ENY 231 Solar Contracting, ENY 240 Estimating for Energy, ENY 277 Advanced PV Concepts and Commercial Applications, OSH 127 10 Hr Construction Industry Standards, CAR 123 Roof Framing, CAR 125 Roofing Materials and Methods, EIC 110 Electrical Installations I and HVA 105 Electricity for HVAC/R.

Solar Energy International Accredited Training Provider for their PV courses including  PV101: Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct), PVOL101: Solar Electric Design and Installation (Grid-Direct) ONLINE, PV202: Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct), PVOL202: Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct) ONLINE, PV203: Solar Electric Design (Battery-Based), PVOL203: Solar Electric Design (Battery-Based), PV203: PREP, PV201L: Solar Electric Lab Week (Grid-Direct), PV301L: Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based), PV351L: PV Systems- Tools and Techniques for Operation and Maintenance Lab Week (Grid-Direct) and FVOL101: Diseiio e Instalaci6n de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos (conexion directa a la red)- en linea

Solar Seminars Inc. Accredited Training Provider for their PV 101 Entry Level Solar Photovoltaic Installation course.

Thames Solar Electric, Solar Electric Education & Training Accredited Training Provider for the courses Electric Basics, PV Basics, Hands-On, 3-Day PV Intensive, 5-Day NABCEP Installer Certification Class, and Advanced PV Code Class.

New Mexico

Santa Fe Community College Accredited Training Provider for their RIT Step 1, RIT Step 2, RIT Step 3, LSWx, OSHA 10 and Lead RRP  (Retrofit Installer Technician Job Task Analysis); and Crew Leader, RIT Step 1, RIT Step 2, RIT Step 3 and OSHA 30 (Crew Leader Job Task Analysis); and EA Step 1, EA Step 2, EA Step 3, EA Step 4, EA Step 5, Lead RRP, OSHA 10, ASHRAE 62.2, and LSWx (Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis); and EA Step 1, EA Step 2, QCI Step 1, ASHRAE 62.2 and OSHA 10 (Quality Control Inspector Task Analysis).

IREC Accredited Continuing Education Providers

Continuing Education Providers are institutions that offer short courses or workshops for the professional development of participants.


Buckville Energy Consulting, LLC Accredited Continuing Education Provider for their courses Off Grid Systems for Remote Locations, Renewable Energy Systems and Firefighter Safety – Suggested Response Guideline, Wind Power Reality, and Wind Turbine Design and Construction.

IREC Certified Master Trainer/PV


Ed Eaton, Solar Energy International

Philip Friedman, Solar Energy International

Kelly Larson, Solar Energy International

Justine Sanchez, Solar Energy International

Kenneth Thames, Thames Solar Electric

Joseph Villacci, Solar Energy International

Lena Wilensky, Solar Energy International

IREC Emeritus Master Trainer

The IREC Credentialing Program offers Emeritus status for IREC  Certified Master Trainers or Instructors who are in good standing but are no longer actively teaching.


Johnny Weiss, Solar Energy International

IREC Certified Instructor/PV


Kenneth Gardner, Solar Energy International

Rebekah Hren, Solar Energy International

Jason (Jay) Pozner, Solar Energy International

E.H. Roy, Solar Energy International

Jeff Tobe, Solar Energy International

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