IREC Accreditation: A Smart Move for Educational Institutions

As demand for quality training increases, students and funders look for institutions that have a mark of distinction recognized by government and industry. Accreditation sends a strong signal that a rigorous standard for quality has been met, which can benefit enrollment.

IREC-credentialing-logo-rgb_smallIREC Training Provider Accreditation

The IREC credential is nationally recognized and provides a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy training programs an opportunity to set your institution apart. Learn more about IREC Training Provider Accreditation


ANSI-IREC Certificate Program Accreditation

A new accreditation program for renewable energy and energy efficiency certificate programs. Offered in partnership with the American National Standards Institute, ANSI-IREC accreditation sets apart those offering safe, high quality training aligned with industry needs. Learn more about ANSI-IREC accreditation.   



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