IREC Accreditation: A Smart Move for Educational Institutions

As demand for quality training increases, students and funders look for institutions that have a mark of distinction recognized by government and industry. Accreditation sends a strong signal that a rigorous standard for quality has been met, which can benefit enrollment.

IREC-credentialing-logo-rgb_smallIREC Training Provider Accreditation

The IREC credential is nationally recognized and provides a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy training programs an opportunity to set your institution apart. Learn more about IREC Training Provider Accreditation

IREC Certificate Program Accreditation
UPDATE: December 24, 2014

The current ANSI-IREC Certificate Accreditation Program will transition to an IREC Certificate Accreditation, independently overseen by IREC beginning in 2015, and updated to meet the changing needs of industry. This evolution to a more accessible IREC accreditation will assure the same level of quality and high standards.

IREC plans to expand access to accreditation for clean energy certificate programs, reaching more organizations that can meet a rigorous process and benefit from the value of the nationally-respected IREC credential.

To learn more about this new IREC credential, please contact Laure-Jeanne Davignon, IREC Credentialing Director, (518) 578-4718,



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