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IREC Premieres Industry-Targeted Video at SPI “Accelerate Your Success: Quality is quiet. Mistakes are not.”  

A bit of cartoon humor brings home the message that “the best new technology is only as good as the workmanship around it,” in this video produced by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC). The short film clearly traces why credible credentials count, and how they reduce costly mistakes.

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Can you give IREC 3 minutes? Take the survey!

Take IREC’s three-question survey and help us effectively communicate with industry about the value of workforce development and credible credentials.

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IREC Credentialing Program Accepts New Skill Profile

The Commercial Building Energy Analysis Skill Profile describes the knowledge, skills and abilities individuals need to successfully conduct energy audits of commercial buildings, building systems, or process systems, analyze designs for cost effective energy performance and conduct investment-grade audits of buildings or systems. The Skill Profile (posted on the IREC website courtesy of Edmonds Community College) can be used as a basis for curriculum by clean energy training providers applying for IREC accreditation.

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Training a highly qualified workforce and living off-grid. True story!

For more than 23 years, Dan Fink of Buckville Energy Consulting LLC, has lived off-grid. His office at 8,200 feet elevation in the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains is 11 miles from the nearest power line or telephone pole. It’s powered entirely by solar and wind with vegetable oil and wood-fired steam for backup. Dan, an IREC certified instructor/small wind installer, is a professional renewable energy system designer, installer and troubleshooter. Buckville Energy Consulting is an IREC Accredited Continuing Education Provider. How does he do it?

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Confessions of a Good, but not Great, Teacher

There are a lot of good instructors out there. I bet you are one of them. We know you. We have seen you teach. We are fortunate to have you in our changing industry to train our workforce. You share captivating stories from the field. You respond to every question with technical expertise and real-world experience. You get high praise from students in evaluations. But the class really isn’t about you, is it? It’s a potent reminder that it’s about the student, and what they take from class.

High Quality Clean Energy Training Providers and Trainers Recognized by IREC  

Eight training organizations and four individual instructors in the clean energy industry have recently been awarded the prestigious IREC credential. Also, IREC Emeritus status has been granted to two long-time contributors in the clean energy fields.

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Prestigious Solar Training Accreditation Awarded to IBEW Wireman Programs

The Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) announced today that 13 training centers operated by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) –National Electrical Contractors Association JATCs have received the prestigious IREC Training Provider Accreditation for photovoltaic systems content in their Inside Journeyman Wireman program.

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On the Road Again: a conversation with KVCC’s Michael Paradis

If you were on the highways in the Northeast this past summer, perhaps you noticed a silver van pulling a very large, brightly decorated trailer, complete with logos and images advertising Kennebec Valley Community College’s (KVCC) renewable energy training program. Behind the wheel: Michael Paradis, en route to deliver advanced hands-on training to KVCC’s instructor trainees.

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Calling all Clean Energy Training Providers: Get Listed in IREC Directory

Did you know IREC provides a searchable online Clean Energy Training Directory, accessed by students, employers and other stakeholders across the industry? The directory listings are populated and maintained by each training organization listed. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to have ALL your clean energy content (not just accredited courses) listed.

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Building Science ‘Black Belt’ – Interview with Chris Baker

As the energy training and technical assistance coordinator for the FSL Southwest Building Science Training Center (SWBST), self-described building science black belt Chris Baker has more than 15 years at SWBST’s weatherization program as a program administrator, crew trainer and energy auditor/technician. Chris talked with IREC recently and makes the case for energy efficiency.

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