“We support IREC’s activities each year because we need them to continue to tackle the various regulatory, technical and workforce development challenges experienced daily by communities like ours as we move down the path toward  a cleaner energy future.  We simply can’t do this by ourselves.”

Jennifer Szaro, Orlando Utilities Commission, IREC Board of Directors


Sustainable Sponsor
You can have the greatest impact as a Sustainable Sponsor, spreading your annual support across our programs, initiatives & events. Sustainable Sponsors receive prominent recognition on IREC’s website, in our nationally recognized Annual Updates & Trends Report, at our Annual Meeting, and at numerous other IREC events. Your support will directly and measurably contribute to building our clean energy future.

JWIREC 2013 Annual Meeting
Your sponsorship of the IREC 2013 Annual Meeting will be seen by thousands. Be part of an exciting, innovative IREC “meeting,” as we present a TED-style series on what’s happening in the clean energy arena – right on the floor of Solar Power International. This year, organizers expect more than 10,000 attendees, exhibitors and press in Chicago, Oct. 22-24. Various sponsor levels available.

award instrumentsNational Innovation Awards
After 20 years of honoring innovation, IREC raises its own bar in 2013 to call out for and recognize the nation’s most Innovative renewable energy and energy efficiency people, projects and programs. This year offers tremendous visibility for award program sponsors, as the awards are presented during our Annual Meeting, right on the floor of Solar Power International in Chicago, with more than 10,000 expected participants.

Closing the DivideClosing the Divide
IREC is uniquely situated to be the architect of a vital bridge linking renewable energy and energy efficiency. Join us now as a charter sponsor of IREC’s “Closing the Divide” project and gain national exposure on promotional materials that reach consumer and business audiences, educational settings and other community venues.

IREC Trends Report 2012 Cover SmallPublications  
Underwrite a monthly, quarterly or annual IREC publication, which reach a direct audience up to 7,000 recipients – and shared online nationally and internationally to tens of thousands more. Our Annual Updates & Trends Report is a well-respected, highly-anticipated reporting and analysis on the state of clean energy.



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