“We support IREC because we recognize the value of its critically important work. IREC’s unique programs and resources would be at risk without our help, and that isn’t good for consumers and our industry.”

Shaun Chapman, VP Electricity Markets, SolarCity

IREC’s national leadership advances clean energy regulatory policy and quality workforce development. That protects a rapidly growing industry and consumers. Your organization’s support will ensure our continued progress.

With your support, IREC is:

  • Working state by state for fair, affordable connection to the grid
  • Producing unique independent reports, insight and thought leadership
  • Protecting industry and consumers through national education/training standards and best practices
  • Working with industry to ensure a qualified, job-ready clean energy workforce, including our veterans.

Become an IREC supporter and help us protect progress

IREC counts on public and private funds to produce the success stories we’ve been at the forefront of for more than three decades. As some of our historical financial support from federal agencies is sunsetting, support from new partners and non-governmental support is needed now more than ever.


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