Clean energy is the choice the majority of Americans feel we must make, and soon. The generations ahead depend on our ability to move forward today, to establish a more sustainable energy future.

With a 30-year reputation for integrity and market-savvy innovation, IREC accelerates the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency at home and abroad. IREC leads the nation on solutions that make renewable energy safer, more accessible and affordable — so more homes and businesses can be clean energy powered.

IREC is broadly respected as a leader and facilitator of change. Our work defines, documents and drives national clean energy trends. Our formula is simple — we bring together multiple stakeholders, often with differing goals, to reach consensus and results valuable both to consumers and industry.

IREC’s tireless work in nearly every state continues to change the energy landscape — empowering individuals, businesses, and society to benefit from cleaner forms of energy. In the suburbs or in the urban core, in big box stores and small shops, and across the U.S., IREC makes the clean energy choice possible and even profitable.

With a great record of success comes a great responsibility.

A major focus of IREC’s work lies in building the workforce to support the clean energy movement, today and tomorrow.

IREC recognizes that a committed, capable and innovative workforce is critical to consumer confidence and growth of renewable energy and energy efficiency (RE/EE). So we are raising the bar for education and training. IREC is the leading credentialing body for RE/EE teaching programs and instructors, based on robust standards and extensive assessment. We lead a national initiative to teach solar installers and other technicians to meet and exceed those market-valued standards.

What does this mean in HUMAN terms?

It means more Americans, including our veterans and unemployed, get training for clean energy jobs. Quality training translates to safer, less expensive clean energy for you and the communities where you live and work.

IREC has a strong history of combined government, industry and private funding. We are proud of our proven record with multiple partners and collaborators. We need more help — your help — to keep up our pace; to create the future we envision. Won’t you join us?


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