“As clean energy becomes a mainstream part of America’s energy economy, IREC’s programs to ensure fair consumer access to renewables, protect consumer rights, and build a quality renewable energy workforce are more important than ever.”

Larry Sherwood, IREC President/CEO

Today, IREC is a nationally recognized thought leader, stakeholder coordinator, expert resource and facilitator of regulatory reform. Our work expands consumer access to clean energy; generates information and objective analysis grounded in best practices and standards; and leads national efforts to build a quality-trained clean energy workforce, including a unique credentialing program for training programs and instructors.

IREC’s programs and policies benefit consumers, policymakers, utilities and the clean energy industry. The results are visible in nearly every state, with rules that enable millions more consumers to participate in the clean energy marketplace — and practices that make it easier, safer and more affordable to connect to the utility grid.

  • IREC’s work introduces regulatory policy innovations that empower individuals and businesses to benefit from clean energy use.
  • Our national experts identify, define and promote clean energy best practices for states, municipalities, utilities and industries, which ultimately shapes the local, regional and national energy landscape.
  • IREC develops quality and competency standards, accreditation and certification programs for clean energy educators and training programs, all of which work together to form a strong foundation for a highly-trained, quality-prepared workforce.
  • IREC’s unique Credentialing Program is driving quality workforce training, setting the new standard for renewable energy and energy efficiency professionals and training programs. Credentialing sets instructors and training programs apart, and encourages the hiring of quality-trained technicians, which leads to safer, more affordable installation and use of clean energy.
  • IREC’s thought-leading publications and reports drive community, state and federal actions, and promote stakeholder consensus on complex issues.
  • Partners and Supporters leverage our shared commitment to a clean energy future by supporting IREC’s programs, initiatives and events.

IREC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been accelerating renewable energy since 1982. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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