Matchmaking: How the Solar Training Network’s New Solar Careers Web Platform Connects People with Solar Careers

Think of it as a solar connection “hub.” The new Solar Training Network, connects solar job seekers, solar employers, training providers, and workforce development boards, all in the name of growing the solar workforce to meet the needs of the booming industry.

A valuable new tool, this online solar career platform is managed by our friends at The Solar Foundation and builds upon the national networks created by the national Solar Instructor Training Network (SITN), which IREC administered for its five-plus years. This new program is a follow-up program of the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative.

Want to know more?

Join us on July 19 at 1pm EDT and get introduced to the Solar Training Network’s website, which includes an interactive map that connects job seekers with trainers and employers where they live. Hear how it offers an online space for training providers, employers, and workforce boards to highlight events, job fairs and job openings. And learn how job seekers have a centralized (and localized) place to access current information about training, career opportunities, industry events, financial aid resources and more.  REGISTER

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